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I just can’t get into working with WordPress.  It is driving me nuts.  I spent hours last night trying to make it do what I wanted and in the end all I got was a headache!  So I am going back over to Blogger.  I just know how it works and in my spare time today I have managed to make it do what I couldn’t make WordPress do last night so……I will be at A Couple Coupons for the foreseeable future!  Same title just .blogspot.com instead of .wordpress.com.

I have a new post up for you over there too!



Welcome to A Couple Coupons

Posted in How We Started by acouplecoupons on September 1, 2009

Hi there!  Welcome to the new blog.  This is a blog that I have been thinking about starting for a little while now.  We are going to focus on saving money shopping for things like groceries and those pesky and expensive health and beauty items.

Let me share a little bit of background with you.  For starters and for the new people here, my name is Jillienne and I am the proud mother of 6 (yes 6) fabulous kids.  I have been married to my husband Brian for 13 years now and we are just living the dream!  We have 3 boys and 3 girls.  Our youngest 2 joined us from the wonderful country of Ethiopia.  You can read more about us and our family over at my family blog, Mostly Mayhem

As I am sure you know, life is expensive and life with 6 children means life can be REALLY expensive.  And with the economy in the state it is in I started to looking for ways to save some money.  One of our biggest expenditures was, of course, groceries.  I tried budgeting a certain amount a week for groceries but it never seemed like we had enough food to get us to the next week.  I tried to buy groceries for 2 weeks at a time but my kids tended to eat it all before the first week was over.  I tried to only shop the sales and make meals out of what was on sale but still my budget was being blown most of the time.  Then when you had to add in things like diapers and toilet paper or laundry soap and shampoo things would get really out of control.  I believe the we peaked out at about $250.00 per week there in the end and we were still having to scrimp and shave and stretch things out.  And, of course we never had the fun things that my kids REALLY wanted.  Not that those are novelty items are always necessary but they are fun to have once in a while.

A few months ago I started researching more ways to save on our grocery bill and I started, naturally, looking towards blogs, love me some blogs!  That’s when I stumbled upon the coupon blogs.  Hmmmmm…. I thought, how does this work?  Can this work for such a large family?  Because that was something that I wasn’t really finding most of the families that were going crazy with the coupons weren’t usually bigger than the average family.  From 0-3 kids usually.

I remember the first time that I brought the coupons up to Brian.  He immediatley shot me down.  Telling me that people weren’t really saving money that way and if they were that the families weren’t as large as ours.  Plus who has the time to go around to different stores and blah, blah, blah.  I got mad and told him to just forget it, if he didn’t want to even help me look into it then I would just drop it.  I knew that I couldn’t do it alone.  For one my mind just doesn’t work the way his does, he is much more able to quickly spot the tricks and the work the deals.  I on the other hand can find them but don’t always know how to put them in the right combination.

Sorry I am getting ahead of myself here.  After that first “disagreement” about the coupons shopping I almost just forgot about it.  But then I was reading someones blog, sorry I don’t remember which, and I saw a great deal.  This deal was going to make us money on something that we used everyday.  That’s right MAKE us money!  So I called Brian at work and asked him to stop @ CVS to see if it worked.  He stopped and called me from the store.  He was nervous because there wasn’t a sign up that showed him that it was actually on sale.  I finally talked him into just trying it and taking it back if it didn’t work.  5 minutes laster he called and said “IT WORKED, IT WORKED!!”  That day with the sale and the Extra Bucks (more on that next time) we MADE $6.00 on something that we would buy in a store normally!!

Now I can honestly say I think that Brian is more addicted to the coupon shopping than I am.  He just loves scoring the deals!

That’s what this blog is going to be dedicated to, breaking down how we are saving money, making money and stocking up!  We have gone from spending more than $250.00 per week to $150.00 per week on groceries and health and beauty items.  On top of that we have a room in our basement completely dedicated as a stock room, because the deals that we are finding allow us to also stock up while saving money!

For September, in the spirit of the new blog,  I am going to challenge myself to spending $100.00 per week.  Joining in with another blog that I love, Owlhaven, who is trying to spend only $75.00 per week for her family, without coupons!,   I am looking forward to the challenge.

In my next post I will explain a little bit more what we are doing and how you can too!

’til next time


p.s.  Please bear with me as I learn how to use WordPress.  It’s new to me!